Shanjida Raihan


Shanjida Raihan
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA 92834



I graduated from UC Irvine in 2007 with Bachelors in Biological Sciences.  As an undergraduate, I volunteered at Dr. Hoffman’s cellular biology laboratory summer of 2005.  While in college I worked at JEI learning center for two years as an instructor of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics.

After graduating, I worked at Oncotech as a technician for a year.  I was very much interested in teaching, so I started fulfilling my pre-requisites for the single subject credential program at CSU Fullerton.  Raising two young children concurrently, the road to being credentialed was a slow and long one.

I have currently accepted a position at Stern MASS high school in Los Angeles as a Chemistry Teacher.  I will start my position on August 6th 2012.  I am very much interested in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences and in near future plan to pursue a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences.  As part of TaPP program, I will be working with a research faculty at CSU Fullerton to gain valuable research experience in science.  Last year during my student teaching, I attended national and local conferences such as NABT, CSTA, FoS, OCDE Science Conference.

Getting my dual credential in Biology and Chemistry, as well as being offered a position the day I finished student teaching, has been the biggest accomplishment in my life.  I am quite happy.