Bethanee Narcisse


Bethanee Narcisse
TaPP Scholar
Biological Science
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA 92834



Ms. Narcisse is a senior at California State University, Fullerton; her major is in Biological Science with a Concentration is Cellular Development. Ms. Narcisse has worked in a Biodiversity and Ecology research lab under the supervision of Dr. Sean Walker, Associated Professor at California State University, Fullerton. As a research assistant, she has had the opportunity to learn various lab techniques, assist the graduate students in their thesis projects, and she has also had the opportunity to conduct her own research. Her research project is comparing sexual dimorphism in various species of crickets. This is an ongoing project and thus far, she has had the opportunity to compare the sexual dimorphism in two species of crickets: Acheta domesticus and Gryllus pennsylvanicus. In her research she has compared and recorded the sexual dimorphism seen in both species. She started her research in January 2008, and is continuing work on this project. Ms. Narcisse has printed her research on a poster and has also presented her research at the NSM-ICC symposium 2009 at California State University, Fullerton. She also displayed her research at the Southern California Academy of Sciences in 2009.

Currently Ms. Narcisse is working in two research labs with professors at California State University, Fullerton, under the supervision of Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Walker. Ms. Narcisse's lab interest includes cricket morphology, and studies with an emphasis in cellular development and Biochemistry. Bethanee has a passion for science, and is looking forward to continuing her education, and hopes to achieve her career goal of becoming a secondary educator.

Poster Presentations

Narcisse, B.D., Vuong, K. Walker, S. PhD. Sexual Dimorphism in House Crickets (Acheta domesticus) and Field Crickets (Goryllus penncylvanicus). California State University, Fullerton, Department of Biological Sciences, 2009.

Related Activities

  • NSM-ICC Representative for the Undergraduate Biology Club, 2007-2009
  • Officer, Events Coordinator and Treasurer for Undergraduate Biology Club, 2007-2009