Jeff Mihut


Jeff Mihut
Biological Science
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA 92834



Mr. Mihut is currently teaching Biology at Hesperia High School in Hesperia, CA. His Bachelor’s in Biological Science with a concentration in biodiversity, evolution and ecology along with a minor in chemistry was earned at California State University, Fullerton. Mr. Mihut worked with Dr. Janowicz conducting research on the Supplemental Instruction Program at California State University, Fullerton. Research was presented at the American Chemical Society in March of 2014 in Dallas, TX. His latest research experience was in the summer of 2015 also at California State University, Fullerton with Dr. Salzameda researching possible inhibitors for West Nile Virus.

Within the past year, Mr. Mihut went from AVID tutor to Professional Tutor of America to a hired teacher at his “dream job site.”