Shireen Mahamad


Shireen Mahamad
Biological Sciences
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA 92834



Shireen is currently a Teaching Credential Candidate and just recently completed her Bachelor's degree in Biological Science with a minor in Chemistry from CSUF. She had previously earned an Associate's in the Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an Emphasis in Math in Science from Fullerton College in 2009. She has also recently been awarded the Jewell Plummer Cobb Scholarship and the MAST Scholarship for Future Teachers from Cal State Fullerton.

Shireen recently participated in Cal State Fullerton’s Environmental Research in Thailand (ESRT) where she collaborated with Dr. Richard Deming and worked under the supervision of Chiang Mai University’s Dr. Nunsari Rakariyatham on vanillin production from ferulic acid and antiglycation activity in herbs.  She also participated in CSU-LSAMP's Summer Research Program in Costa Rica with Dr. Diana Lieberman where she conducted an ecological study on the local Siphonaria population in July 2011. She also completed the Howard Hughes Medical Institutes' Summer Research program in 2010 where she helped to optimize a protein pull-down assay in Dr. Nilay Patel's lab at CSUF. In addition, Shireen was a PRISE intern at the Newport Back Bay Science Center with education coordinator Robin Madrid where she helped develop and implement marine biology based curriculum directed at middle and high school students.