Paul Ayers


Paul Ayers
Credential Candidate
California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA 92834



Paul Ayers graduated from St. Paul High School in Santa Fe Springs in June 2009. He came to Cal State University Fullerton not knowing whether he wanted to pursue an education in music theory or physics. In all honesty he also considered philosophy as well as history. Having felt inspired by all the curiosity and thought provoking ideas his high school physics class left him and having enjoyed his first years math courses in college, he decided to declare himself a physics major at the end of his first year. Paul did research in physics education with Dr. Michael Loverude for four semesters studying the various concepts such as how students conceptually understand magnetism and how lower division science students understand integration. He also did research in electron scattering apparatus design with Dr. Leigh Hargreaves for one semester. Realizing he felt most passionate about the theory within physics and peoples' ability to educate themselves to understand it, he decided to pursue a future in physics education.

Paul joined TaPP in the fall of 2013 and receives scholarship funds to help him cover necessary costs and help promote a positive foundation for training while in the credential program. While at Cal State University Fullerton, Paul worked as a Supplementary Instruction leader for both physics 212 and 211. He also worked as a math and physics tutor for the University Learning Center, and worked for a good amount of time as a campus parking service officer. Paul graduated with as a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Minor in Philosophy in May 2015. Most recently, Paul served as a math tutor for Opportunities For Learning's summer school program. Paul Ayers is currently in his first semester with the Single Subject Credential Program at Cal State University Fullerton, and is doing his fieldwork at Troy High School.